RoadMovie 2.7.4

Batch encoding beauty

Encoders have become so important nowadays simply because of all the video and audio formats that exist and all the devices you can play media on. View full description


  • Handles subtitles well
  • Simple batch encoding
  • Upload to internet


  • Creating presets may be too technical for some users


Encoders have become so important nowadays simply because of all the video and audio formats that exist and all the devices you can play media on.

RoadMovie is a good batch encoder, if you want to handle a couple of videos at once. The application features a number of presets, so you don't have to muck around with encoding. Just select whether you want your video to work on an iPod, PSP or other device and let RoadMovie do the rest. If you're the kind of person that likes playing with settings though, you'll be glad to know you can create your very own custom presets.

RoadMovie also lets you add in subtitles in common formats like .srt and .sub.

Once your movie is ready you can upload it on the internet via destinations like FTP, S3, .Mac or WebDav.

RoadMovie is a great batch encoder, with good presets, subtitle support and upload possibilities. A good choice if you're looking for a simple yet powerful solution.


  • All Apple presets now generates proper m4v files.
  • Apple TV 2 and iPad presets now exports in 720p.
  • All new Web presets. Export to mp4, ogg and WebM in 360p, 480p and 720p.
  • Hard-coded subtitles is possible for all formats including the new Web presets.
  • Added a basic subtitle editor to fix spelling errors and such.
  • Updated the Mozilla Universal Detector lib. Now properly detects UTF-16 encoded subtitle files.
  • Fixed some visual glitches in the Main window when adding/removing files.
  • Fixed some visual glitches in the Preferences window.
  • Tweaked the tagChimp search terms for better metadata results.
  • Improved the subtitle parser to better handle duplicate and overlapped entries.
  • Better support for Apple TV 1 by producing m4v files.
  • Amazon S3 Destination removed.
  • Removed the annoying delay when adding a large movie to the queue.
  • Subtitle search templates updated for a couple of sites.
  • Updated the built-in Help.
  • Dutch localization by Ronald van der Meer.
  • Spanish localization by Emilio Perez Egido.
  • [BUGFIX] Quick Start Movie now stops when closing the Welcome window.
  • [BUGFIX] Launching the app by dragging and dropping a file onto it's icon no longer leads to a crash.

Professional video encoding for humans

Ever wanted to convert a whole season of your favourite tv show and add subtitles and and add them to iTunes? Now you can do all that in one application in one operation without hassle. Need to convert a couple of movies for your website and upload them to your FTP server? No, problem! RoadMovie will do that for you in one step. Need to put some perfectly encoded vacation movies on to your iDisk for your granny to watch? Well, RoadMovie will do that too!

Main Features:

  • Subtitle support from SubRip (.srt), SubViewer 1 & 2 (.sub) and MicroDVD.
  • Uses the same subtitling engine as found in Submerge.
  • Batch encode a list of movies.
  • Elgato Turbo.264 support for speedy encoding.
  • Use built-in encoder Presets or create and customize your own set of encoder Presets.
  • Built-in Presets for Apple TV, Cellphone, iPhone, iPod, PSP and Web.
  • Batch upload encoded movies using FTP, SFTP, .Mac, WebDav or Amazon S3 as your final Destination.
  • Automatically add encoded movies to iTunes.
  • Create and manage your own customized set of upload Destinations.
  • Add your iDisk as an upload Destination with one click.



RoadMovie 2.7.4